Dum Dums
A 65 minute film documenting the rise and fall of the Dum Dums


A note from Stuart...

Hey Guys,

Hopefully by now you will have seen the trailer for my movie: DumDums ‘The Ghost Gets Around’ and you’re reading this because you’re ready to watch the movie. But just before you do I would like to take a second to give you a little background information first…

I like to make little lo-fi movies...

...and there was this one day that I decided it was highly wasteful leaving thirty reels of backstage DumDums footage lying around with no purpose. Thus ensued a year and a half of grabbing an hour here or there and much later nights than I expected to have working out how to make something coherent out of this mess of tape. It wasn’t easy at all (but then nothing associated with the DumDums ever happened easily so I’m not sure why I thought this would be any different!).

Once I finished the film I had to decide what purpose it served and I hadn’t really thought about that. I had loosely considered it as purely a gift for a couple of friends, something to show the grandchildren. However after discussions with James I realised that there would be people out there who would actually like to see this film and may even enjoy it?

So… here it is! I am hoping that this film will not just become a retelling of a rock and roll story (there are millions of better ones out there already) but somehow becomes the retelling of a rock and roll story that shows how the DumDums, even in their absence as a functioning band, still have the ability to affect peoples lives.

And this is where you can play your part...

It is entirely free of charge to watch the movie over and over, however I am suggesting that if you enjoyed the film and it made you laugh or maybe even cry you might consider donating a small amount of money to the Snowdrops Drug and Alcohol Counselling Charity via the paypal 'donate' link below.

Snowdrops is a support service for parents, carers, partners or anyone else who may be affected by someone else’s drug use - the people who are often forgotten whilst the addict is given help and support. Having found out about the work this charity did recently, it surprised me that most of the workers who help those with addiction issues (and those affected by them) are either volunteers or paid extremely low wages - the charity therefore relies on donations to continue helping people.. You can find out more about Snowdrops on their website.

Anyway, thank you so much for still being interested, even after this long, it is truly amazing.

I hope you enjoy the story all over again!

Much Love, Stuart x

Donate to Snowdrops




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